About Us

About Us

DMCREP is Turkey’s first professional international destination marketing company,
representing international DMCs, hotels, national tourism offices and other key
suppliers. We specialize in forming innovative partnerships between internaitional

 DMC suppliers and Turkish agencies, not only to expand market share but also to 

create unique, resonant experiences.

Our approach involves customized market strategies, informed by in-depth

research of the Turkish market to fit specific brand needs.

With global reach, tailored strategies, and a strong commitment to establish success 

with our partners, we are excited to collaborate and deliver phenomenal experiences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you target the Turkish outbound market?

The outbound tourism spending expenditure and number of departures has surged by 142% between 2021 and 2022, signaling a strong economic rebound in the travel sector after the pandemic. This resurgence suggests that Turkish travelers are increasingly eager to explore international destinations, presenting an opportunity for businesses targeting this market. As Turkish Airlines is covering an extensive network of 262 international destinations, it holds a preferred status among Turkish travelers.

Why should you work with DMCREP?

Our team, with over three decades of collective experience in the tourism industry, consists of professionals with a deep understanding of industry dynamics and a robust network. Specializing in crafting innovative partnerships, choosing to work with DMCREP positions you to capitalize on the growing Turkish outbound market, facilitating substantial market share expansion.

What kind of support should you expect from DMCREP during the partnership?

We commit to exclusively representing your brand for the designated operating destination, making your company the preferred supplier for our clients' travel groups heading to that destination. In addition to our services, we provide comprehensive market training sessions to familiarize your team with Turkish preferences and travel habits, fostering a seamless collaboration and enhancing overall workflow efficiency between our office in Turkey and your team.

Does DMCREP connect directly with the end client?

No, DMCREP operates exclusively in a Business-to-Business (B2B) capacity.

How does DMCREP maintain the exclusivity of their partnerships?

DMCREP maintains the exclusivity of its partnership in the respective destination through the One Solution Partnership approach. Where we provide a unique and comprehensive solution tailored specifically to the needs and goals of each partner.

Is DMCREP only focused on the luxury travel sector?

We have a diverse client base that includes both luxury and other market segments. The emphasis is on our ability to serve a wide range of clients, showcasing the flexibility and inclusivity of our services.

What types of innovative partnerships does DMCREP specialize in if you are not certain about the Turkish market?

At DMCREP, we extend our services to encompass special projects, provide marketing consultancy, organize solo sales events for targeted groups. To allow you to gain a deeper understanding and valuation of Turkish outbound market potential for your company.

How to contact the DMCREP team?

You may contact us on info@dmcrep.com.tr

We will get back to you immediately.